Retention Strategy Dedication

Dedication & Focus

We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective technical skills delivery series in the Indian market. We are continually improving and the tuning our system so that it is of maximum service to our clients, consultants.

Retention Strategy

At Datamine Infotech we strive to bag the top notch IT companies as our clients, in the process we attract and retain quality IT professionals. To retain such consultants the best and contemporary HR practices are adopted such as…

The Software consultant recruited in Datamine would be in payrolls of our company and would enjoy the following benefits:

1. Pay rolling - The Software consultant would be compensated according to his education, qualification and performance. Our consultants are compensated fairly, generously and always paid on time. That why we are known for reliable and productive consultants.
2. Technology: In Datamine Solutions we make sure people should work on latest Technology & deliver the quality work.
3. Training: Internal training programme will be conducted for the consultants to update their skill according to the real and anticipated business needs.
4. Work Rotation: Consultants shall be relocated to another project to other clients after completion of each project.


You will appreciate that we do business according to your specifications. Only we strive to excel in meeting the client's requirements. We started our company with no preconceived notions as to how a contract staffing company should operate. We started from scratch and thought through the entire process. We simply anticipate all the things that can go wrong while trying to provide reliable and productive software consultants for temporary assignments and then we implement procedures into our system to eliminate or minimize those issues.